Dont be so Complacent - River Severn May 14th 2017

We headed off once again to the Severn, the weather over the past month or so had lacked the promise of any April showers. Forecast was blustery with a mix of sunshine and showers for the day. I really enjoy fishing the dry, so the weapon of choice was the Sage Mod 9ft #4 a proper fishing rod with a softer action than most in the Sage range. It certainly gives a better feel than any other I use especially when playing a fish.

Armed with a selection of dries, both Dad and I headed for some sheltered spots where we saw one or two rising fish, it wasn't long before I connected to several small trout.

It was the lowest I'd seen the river for many many years and the fish were rather elusive and each and every skinny run was worked through. I really enjoy days like this, especially when a trout smashes a LDO imitation in less then a couple of feet of fast flowing water. A run that on any other day I have walked past and headed to deeper water. Most certainly a reality check and not to be so complacent with the water you've fished for over three decades.

One of several trout going back to fight another day and put on a few more pounds.


The Sage Mod 9ft #4 with Click 2/3/4 reel & Rio Trout LT. A great river rod 

Selection of dries for the day. 

Until next time 
Tight Lines 

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