Mid Wales Splendour - 26th November 2016

The river had finally dropped to a fishable level, the mid Wales countryside was in all its glory. Unbelievably the sun warmed the day which saw a few Large dark olives coming off resulting in a few of the pesky out of season trout on the dry. The Cul De Cannon did the business and it was superb in late November to take fish on the dry. 

We had plenty of Grayling to nymphs on the French leader tactics. It's was also a big surprise when a Salmon took one of my nymphs. I didn't have much of a chance on my #2 as it made light work of the set up and straight to the backing and the five pound line not putting up much resistance. We saw several fish making their way up river, it was great to see so far up. The recent floods have certainly helped them on the way.

Being out in mid Wales on days like to today take some beating, hope you enjoy the pictures of a great day. 








Until Next time 
Tight Lines 

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