It's come to a close for now at least - March 13th 2016

We headed out into mid Wales for the penultimate day of the Grayling season.  Neither of us had ventured out much over winter, mainly due to high river revels making the rivers unfishable.  Today had a hint of Spring in the air and it was just great to be out. Days like today when your with your fishing mates are the best of all.  We anglers like our solitude and a chance to get away from the rat race, but there is something special when like minded mates meet up to go fishing.

The day admittedly was tough going and the grayling were hard to seek out, when we eventually found them they were quite fussy as to what was on the menu. Obviously they were shoaling up or planning to and most definitely had other things on their minds.  We all had a good day and a few fish to our name, it was however just great to be out for our last shot at the Grayling for now. Thanks John,Tim & Dad for great company and banter. Enjoy the photos of our day.

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