Quality time on the Dee - 6th December 2014

Dad & I set off for the upper Dee in anticipation of some good Grayling sport.  Its not too often just the two of us get out together for some quality fishing time.  Its generally with our instructor mates or the lads who we've met just going fishing. 

The morning was perfect and the conditions of the river were bang on, no water releases to spoil todays sport.

I've been using the French Leader set up for some time now and have become confident in the method.  Dad not so use to it wanted to give it more of a try so we spent a large part of the day going through the technique.  With all these methods confidence is key and altering fly weights to suit current and water depth is essential.

It really does take time to perfect the method and its not a case of chuck it and see, moving down the runs I picked up several fish proving that they were their and on feed.  Dad not use to the French leader persisted with the method for most of the morning and hooked into a few smaller fish.

The first sign though in the early afternoon of a rising fish and the old chap was straight on the dries, first cast and he was in.  Early December and rising fish !!

Grayling on The Dry

Fish On
The day went in a flash but accounted for plenty of Grayling, a few were pushing 2lb and numerous around the 1lb mark.  At last knockings the #2 ESN took a bit of a pounding as I hooked into a kelt which quickly emptied the spool before snapping the leader.

Dee Selfie

Bigger G!

The Dee holds a special place in our fishing memories, it was the first experience I had of fly fishing a river at the age of eleven.  It was on a beat near Llangollen and being guided every step by Dad, I even remember falling in and taking down plenty of river water.  My River Dee baptism was complete and one I will never forget.  Today was in some small way my time to give back and introduce an uncharted technique into his fishing armoury.

It was a  great day spending quality time with the old chap and the Dee obliged with plenty of fish.

Until Next Time
Tight Lines...

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