Summer Evening Carp - 30th July 2014

There is nothing better when finishing a days work than to head off in search of Carp. With the rivers low and difficult conditions for all it's time to change tactics.  The carp are most certainly looking up and a few tempting offerings to get them slurping in with confidence is all that's required.

I stepped up my gear tonight to an #8 as my local commercial lakes have some big doubles, I'm pretty lucky really as the venue is literally a couple of hundred yards away.  It's just what's required to chill out from the stresses of the day.  I hit into numerous fish tonight and the largest of them was just into double figures.

If you fancy joining me sometime then get in touch

Until next time....

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  1. Hi Phil.

    Have you tried nymphs. If you have visible carp cruising or muddying up then a nymph like a Backstabber can work.

    Nice post.