A Busy Year So Far.........

First of all apologies for not posting my fishing exploits sooner, but with one thing and another I've had very little time to do so and been a tad busy.  Several times on the river, salt and the odd Stillwater after carp have prevented me from going crazy.  I also thought the last of the Instructor assessments were behind me but I suppose once your in the groove and following the APGAI success of 2012 well I decided to keep going and not looking like stopping.

I've made a short video of my goings on this year which I hope will make up for the lack of posts (well several) on my diary.

Now that I've got that off my chest  and no longer feel so guilty, my promise to you will be to keep my blog up to date with the latest news of my fishing days out.  Hope you enjoy

Until Next Time

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  1. Hey Phil, I'm coming out with an app for fishermen and was wondering if you'd be willing to try it out. If you like it maybe you could mention it in one of your blog posts, and in exchange I could list your blog on my sponsor page! Let me know what you think - Kyle.