Saltwater Fly Fishing - 5th & 6th July 2012

A trip to the river was planned with my good friend and fellow instructor Chris Aldred a few weeks ago but with the heavy rain fall and the rivers rising it was cancelled.  Not to be outdone Chris suggested a go for the mullet, having never done any salt water fly fishing before I was looking forward to giving it a go.  Chris had recently upgraded his rod and reel for the salt so I was in a lucky position to purchase a pre-enjoyed #8-9 rod and reel to match.  Thanks Chris!...and your to blame for opening yet another addiction in my fly fishing world.

Chris zoned in.....

Dad enjoying the SWFF

Mullet were everywhere but proving difficult to catch, it was a steep learning curve the day we were out and more of a reconnaissance mission.  The weather was also against us blowing a gale all day, not the best for spotting big mullet.  The day was cut short and to be continued............

My next visit to the salt was with Dad and another good mate of mine Glen Pointon.  Glen is a fly fishing nut !! I think that's why we get on so well.  A trip to Anglesey for mullet and Bass was arranged and the previous evening was spent tying Clouser Minnows for the bass and various patterns for the mullet.  On arrival we went out to view mullet in the margins darting in and out of the moored up boats.

Glen searching for the Mullet
The adrenalin was sky high and Glen had first go at them, no luck!, dad next..., no luck!, then luck!.  The morning was spent being frustrated by these fish and working out what the hell they were feeding on, between the three of us we must have tried at least twenty or so patterns without success.  We couldn't even get them going on the bread.

Anyway the tide was turning and on went the Clouser minnows, Bass time.  Glen showed us the road home as he managed to winkle out four bass hitting the clousers hard, we were all buzzing with his catch.  Absolute quality fishing mate and a great day out as always.  With the weather turning rotten for the second day out, I however managed to get into several small Bass, and never to be forgotten experience as this was my first fish on the saltwater fly gear.

What can I say, but this saltwater bug has well and truly got hold of me now and am looking forward to the next trip.  With the summer continuing to be the wettest on record and the rivers up and not fishable, hitting the surf is the way forward. Cant wait for the next trip.

On the Mullet

First of the day!!!

They all count!.....

Best Bass of the Day!!!!

Fully loaded #8/9 - Day 2..A wet one
Until Next Time..........Tight Lines

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