Carp on The Fly - May 2012

With the heat being cranked up over the past few weeks, it was time to venture out towards my local course lake after the Carp.  A journey to the river unfortunately wasn't on the cards until the weekend so the evening ventures were occupied by some frustrating and rather clever carp action.  Armed with my six weight and a few teasing dog biscuits, plus imitations I was ready to go.  The six weight just the job for the size of fish in the water, a few doubles are about but the vast majority ranging from 4-8lb.

"Dog biscuits" I hear you cry, "that's not kosher fly fishing!",  but believe you me with only a few hours in the evening it really gets the fish feeding off the top, followed up by a deer hair imitation.  Having fished for carp this way on several occasions its noticeable that they are very clever and cunning species.  Any hint of leader visible and the imitation will be rejected, if it sits too high on the water and it will be rejected, if it doesn't sink after a close inspection as per 'dog biscuit' natural it will be rejected.

Talk about enjoyment for several hours, watching and missing umpteen takes as the carp quickly rejects your fly.  The frustrations can however quickly turn to heart stopping moments as the rubber like lips engulf your fly and once the hook is set, hold on as these fish really pull your string and never give in with such a dogged fight.  Just Awesome stuff.....

With the warm evenings upon us it really is time to venture out and give the Carp on the Fly  a go.

A few pictures from the evenings action.

Until Next Time.....Tight Lines


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