Its Good to go Fishing!....February 11th 2012

After a long break from the river and cabin fever had well and truly set in, we managed several hours on our club water on the Welsh Dee.  Its been a long while since we were last out mainly due to the high levels and I had to endure a four week holiday in Australia!!.  Ah well that does seem a long time ago, but back to reality and with the temperature just above freezing  we were both itching to get out.

The several hours fishing were just awesome, Grayling taking spiders and various nymph patterns fished with a variety of methods.  The stresses of returning to work after a long break were soon forgotten as I hit into my first fish, I had  initially set up with a French Leader and a couple of nymphs as always topped with a Tungsten bead, but changing the size of fly as the level dictated.  Eventually towards the end of the day I put on the heavy metal to try and winkle out the bigger Lady's fished Czech style.

No such "modern" methods for the old chap, as he chose to fish through the runs with several spider patterns, the classic Partridge & Orange, Water Hen Bloa proved there worth. "Spiderman" as he was known for the day had taken inspiration from a recent book purchase. 'A Guide to North Country Flies & How to tie them' by Mike Harding.  Its a great guide in how to tie over 100 classic spider patterns.

A great day! , it was good to go fishing again.

Until Next Time.......Tight Lines


  1. Sounds like you had a great time by the river! I wish the conditions would permit it here in Sweden too but everything has frozen and fly fishing is impossible. It's really nice though to be able to partake of other fly fishers success. I have tied a lot of spiders so I should give them a try the coming season. I've been thinking of buying the book about North Country Spiders too but I found very nice information on the internet. For example the whole book Pritt wrote long ago with tying recipes for several spiders. I've tied Waterhen Bloa, Partridge and orange and the spiders Stewart used in his time. Just to mention one The Black Spider. It took a while to get used to the technique he used but now I have a little stash of them.

    Have fun by the river and keep on giving us (that at present can't fly fish) inspiration to prepare for the coming season,

  2. Nice to get back on a freezing cold river after being in that sweltering heat I guess Phill!

    Nice looking stretch of water there - Looks perfect for spidering. Did you get many for the day?

  3. Eight or so for the days total, no big girls were around but they will keep for later in the year. A great day out and it was good to be back !!!

  4. I agree with you this photograph is really very cute.K Looks perfect for spidering and Its a great guide here!

  5. Holiday in Australia must be very enjoying.....The water stetch in the picture seems perfect for spidering.

  6. Sweet fishing ratter and good to see you back on em... Say hi to ur old man for me... The spider lol