Grayling Forum - A Growing Membership

First of all a big Thank you to those that have already joined, a small but ever growing membership.

This is the only dedicated Grayling forum for Fly Fishers, it doesn't have the distractions of other species, threads or links to clubs. Its 100% Grayling, a one stop shop for the Lady of the Stream.

With the popularity of the species increasing year on year, this "niche" resource will undoubtedly help to improve our catch ratio and in turn our techniques from the wealth of information on offer from the members.

I look forward to reading your posts & new threads, all input is welcomed and feel free to post Blog reports on the forum.

Have a Great Christmas & All The Best For New Year




  1. I would like to join, so please let me know the terms and condition. Happy new year !

  2. No Terms or conditions, apart from Loving the Grayling fishing!!!!

  3. I have always loved grayling. They have always seemed subtle and understated where a trout is a little in your face.