Dovedale in Desperate need of Rain ! -18th August 2011

After a hectic few weeks with various GAIA events at the CLA and Lowther Game Fair not to mention various casting clinics and mentoring sessions I had a few hours after work up on the Dove at Dovedale.

No noticeable signs of any fish taking from the surface so a few small pheasant tail variants were the order of the evening to search the pocket water.  The river was low, in fact its the lowest Ive experienced it for some time, allot of algae was present on the sub surface rocks and stones, and with only a slow flow on the river it wasn't going to improve anytime soon. 

A few small trout took a shine to the nymphs but it was hard going for the couple of hours I spent on the river.  A couple more anglers on the other bank were finding it just as hard and agreed that the river was extremely low.

It was good to get out none the less and experience has taught me when to call it a day and not flog a dead horse.  This river is magical on its day, all it needs is plenty of rain and to give it a good wash through.  Then it will spring back into life once again and hopefully a few of the big Grayling will show themselves.

Low Water

Until Next Time ......Tight Lines !


  1. Phil,

    It's the same in Lincs, we need rain, and a lot of it too.

    Best Wishes.

  2. Its a great photography fish here this post is really very useful and very informative for everybody.

  3. Amazing in the dark is always fun.But you need a lot of rain to get the flow in the river.