Carp On The Fly - Monday 4th July 2011

We had recently joined our local fishing club B.M.A.C. (Bay Molton Angling Club) with some of the best fishing on offer in the North West region, my local river Bollin, Birkin and Dane on offer as well as numerous carp waters.  Carp waters? for the fluff chucker ? It was following a presentation by Rob Doyle at the GAIA meeting that really inspired us to give it a go.

After several hours casting practice it was time for some fun.  I set up my 9ft 6# and tied on an imitation dog biscuit tied from deer hair, I know its not strictly a true "fly" but with only a couple of hours light left it was fair game.  Starting well away from any of the Course anglers a few free dog biscuits were scattered near the Lilly pads and the wait was on.

We didn't have to wait for long as a big pair of lips came up and slurped in the biscuits, action stations and I was in with the imitation.  A swirl or two under it, wait , wait , agony as the carp took in another free offering.  Then all hell broke loose as another fish had come in from the blind side and wallop the fly rod was being given a run for its money.........hold on.  A cracking scrap and a lovely common hitting the net.
First ever Carp On the Fly!!- The Grin says it all

Its was Dads turn and after a few more biscuits going in, the interest was still there, it was in again and as soon as the imitation hit the water a fish smashed into it, not a Carp but a Chub, a nice fish and one neither of us had ever caught on the fly.
Lovely Chubly...

A couple of the course anglers noticed what was going on and came over to have a chat as I hooked into my second carp of the evening, with three fish in the first forty or so minutes the course boys really wanted to find out more about this Fly Fishing lark, a few converts in the making I think?!!.

Three carp  for myself, a nice common and chub for my dad was the sum total of the evening, the number we had missed was unbelievable, and just watching and waiting for theses fish to suck in your fly is unbearable at times. Well worth a go if you get the chance, I'll certainly be doing it all again very soon.
Dads nice common.
A nice Mirror
Until Next Time...........Tight Lines


  1. Good fishing Phil, maybe the match on Saturday reduced your chances but it shows that if you stick at it you'll catch them.

  2. I caught a few carp fly fishing on flies similar to those about. It's great fun.

  3. Nice carps... Here in Spain few people go fishing carps with the fly rod. But I like it.
    I prefer foam bugs...
    take a look to my blog (in Spanish, sorry)
    this summer, more 6O carps at the moment...
    Good fishing
    Carlos Rubio

  4. I have never fly fished but think it is beautiful to watch. The grace of the flicking line is spell binding.Great carps.

  5. Great fishing Phil, maybe all the species of fishes you have been fished till now!

  6. I am always interested in fishes and fishing but till date i never saw such fish, awesome work dude, u must be feeling so good.

  7. That carp around 80% of them never react to the fly. They just root around on the bottom until we hit them with the fly or the boat gets too close.