Living The Dream on The Dove - Monday 13th June 2011

I took a trip to the Dove today to fish on our syndicate water at Dovedale, with the heavy rain yesterday the Dee and the Severn were up so I headed to Derbyshire.  It had been sometime since I had visited this water and still plenty to learn about the river.  Early signs were good and a nice fish lost on a small nymph set up.

The day warmed up and I thought the bulk of the Mayfly had passed us by, but I was wrong as many were present and being nailed by the trout and the ducks were having a banquet.  Its just a pity the Trout were more selective but none the less I managed to winkle a number out.  Nothing of any decent size but all the same great sport when there on it.  The size of the Mayfly on this river is something else, they are just huge and no wonder the water holds some big fish.

I had a cracking day and although I had not been present in May when the clouds of Mayfly are on the river I was pleased at least to see the tail end of them.  A few nice Grayling also obliged today and a cracking trip to the Dove.  Leaving the car park I bumped into Mr Living The Dream himself .....Glen Pointon, always good to catch up with my mucka, who was going to the river to catch the evening rise and Live the Dream
.  See you All Saturday at BFFI 2011

Until Next Time.......Tight Lines

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