Dovedale Scorcher - Sunday 26th June 2011

Today was a hot one, temperatures the hottest of the year so far and with recent rain this had put out the Welsh rivers.  So to the Dove at Dovedale we headed, today I had the pleasure of being joined by my other half, with drink & sandwiches packed the day was to be a mix of fishing.......well mostly fishing and relaxing for a bite to eat along the river taking in the glorious countryside.

On a weekend like this Dovedale is really busy and as long as you don't mind casting in between dogs dipping in the river then your fine, I chose to fish a section down river only available to LTDFFA, allot more peaceful on days like today.  The river was more coloured than usual but I still give it a go, swapping between dry and nymphs and fishing to the odd rising fish.  I managed a small trout taking a 20s F Fly.  The main bulk of the day was trying the pools here and their with a couple of nymphs.

A welcome cool down in the river followed by a bite to eat was just great, Bev (the other half) particularly enjoyed the chilled wine breaks. Wondering for most of the afternoon the last run produced a small Grayling and the best trout of the day, my nymphs following in the footsteps of a Golden Retriever, the fish didn't seem to mind though.

We finished the day with a great bite to eat at the Izaac Walton hotel, I can recommend the spicy lamb burger if you ever get there.  We had a great day out and it was just fantastic to share the day and at least show Bev why I am so addicted to this sport.  It must have worked as I was asked on the way home "Can we do this again?", a new covert to the sport ? you never know............

A nice Trout neraly there.....

It hits the Net
Quick Pic then away....

Until Next Time...............................Tight Lines

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  1. Sounds like a great place for all things fishing. I look forward to checking it out. Thanks for the links.