A Short Dee Session - 14th April 2011

A couple of hours on the Dee proved to be good sport, the Grannom hatches have begun on the river and the Trout are wired onto them.  I set out with a Grannom pattern developed from Paul Ainworth step by step guides, a member of the CADAC water I was fishing this evening.  The evening was very still but a little on the cold side, the main hatch had come off in the day, I had been informed.  Regardless, several Trout and a few out of season Grayling had there heads up and took the imitation.  It doesnt get much better on a spring evening than this, a quality but short session on my return to the Welsh Dee.

Until Next Time..........Tight Lines


  1. Hi Phil,

    Some nice photo's.


  2. Hey, just signed up to follow. I'm always interested in seeing what you guys are doing on "your side of the pond." JGR