Living The Dream on The Dove with Pointon - Sunday 6th March 2011

I have been lucky enough to be asked and Join a very special syndicate. LTDFFA (Living The Dream Fly Fishing Association) this small syndicate has around thirty members and some top draw anglers amongst them.  This River Dove is a bit special and very different from the big rivers I normally fish such as the Welsh Dee & Severn, a great opportunity to learn new tactics for such a water.

The date had been in our diaries for some time and it had been just over twelve months since we last fished together, the last time saw personal best Grayling being caught on the Severn.  Being new to the river I really wanted to seek some local knowledge and fish with someone who knows this river well, I'm talking about no other than Glen Pointon, a top bloke, great angler and your guaranteed a good bit of banter from the day.
LTD with Pointon

I arrived early on the river, with Glen to meet up with me in the afternoon, the morning session was a tough one and fishing up in the peaks the cold temperature and easterly were most definatly putting the Grayling off feed.  Gin clear water and fishing with small nymphs through the pools that had produced on my last visit, not even a pluck this time.......I was struggling and no sign of it warming I slowly started fishing my way back up.   Then a shout across the river "Ay up Manc Lad", Pointon had arrived.

Glen picked up my spirits along with the sun breaking through for the first time, we set out a plan of action and  he suggested we have a rod share and tackle each pool again.  One rod between two is great and allot more social than going your separate ways, this worked well and gave us both a chance to learn new ideas and picking up tips and tricks off one another.

Glens knowledge of this river is top draw and it wasn't long before we were into our first Grayling, the sun had warmed the day up and a hatch of Large Dark Olives were to been seen, although nothing looking up for them so we stuck to the small nymphs.

Pointon LTD

A final Grayling before the season closes.

Fishing through the runs in the afternoon I winkled out a nice Grayling, thanks to Glen for putting me onto it first but the best was saved until last.........nearly.  We fished through a quality looking pool which produced a fish earlier for me and now Glen had the rod, fishing the nymphs Czech style they were going through just nice.  The line stopped and we instantly said "snagged on the bottom" not a chance !!!!  it moved slowly and sluggish up river taking off line and we knew this was a good fish, Glen spotted its dorsal and confirmed it was a B***** huge fish.

It was putting up a great fight and a fish of some quality and a guesstimate would put it near a 3'lb fish, then for no reason only us anglers can experience this disappointment but a small 12oz stockie came to the net??  Confused we were and could only think that the Grayling came off when this small stockie took a shine to the dropper. 

We decided to call it a day and put on the Kelly Kettle and reflect on the afternoon, A superb day with good company on the new water and just the start of Living The Dream.  Cheers Glen for a top day.

Until Next Time..........................Tight Lines


  1. Nice one again Phil there is something about us when we go fishing, a clunker or something abit special happens...
    Thanks again manc lad
    Good angling bro

  2. I really need to get out. Awesome pictures. Great blog! You got a new follower

  3. Well done Phil, excellent pictures and write up thank you, I have been carp fishing since knee high but my grandad has recently get me on the Fly Fishing, great stuff.