Determination Pays Off !! - Sunday 23rd January 2011

The first days fishing of the new year were on the cards and after a few phone calls to the bailiff to enquire about the condition of the river my fishing buddy and I were looking forward to the day ahead.  A few of the others guys that we had planned to fish with unfortunately couldn't make it so we packed our fishing tackle and made are way at the crack of dawn into Wales.

The river looked in great condition albeit a little coloured and pushing through somewhat, undeterred we tackled up and set out after the Grayling, both opting for heavier nymphs fished Czech style, changing the point fly dependent on current speed & depth just making sure on each run through that we were bouncing along the river bed. 

At this time of year we were treated to a modest 4 Celsius and was almost tropical in comparison to previous weeks, but ice was still evident along the river and the water extremely cold.  The likely looking spots we knew were covered without as much as a take, no sign of the Grayling shoaling anywhere which is unusual for this time of year, as they tend to become very densely packed?, Grayling also being a very nomadic species we had it all on to winkle one out.

Played to perfection !!!
It was mid afternoon and after umpteen changes of fly, my fishing buddy cried "I've got one on ere lad!!", judging by the bend in his rod he wasn't wrong.  A decent scrap and the fish hit the net a decent fish pushing 2lbs if not more.  The point fly doing the business a GRHE (with orange tungsten bead).  A well deserved fish after so many hours, I unfortunately at this stage was on the verge of being presented with a blankety blank chequebook & pen.

With several miles covered and a wonder towards a  known pool that we have nicknamed "The nursery pool" aptly named because my buddy's first fish on the Czech nymph method was caught here, after being a purist for all these years he had to give it a go, now the lad is showing me the ropes.  Well he was until on the first run through I connected with a beauty of a fish, close to the 2lb mark and if you wish to see it check it out HERE

After that, we continued to walk back up the river fishing the runs as we went, reflecting on a difficult day, when the water was ice cold (probably putting them off feed) , it was our determination that finally payed off resulting in two stunning fish.  The day was brought to a close after an hour or so casting session on speys & jump rolls.  A great day to be out on the river and were looking forward to the next visit, hopefully a little more productive.

Until Next Time.......................Tight Lines

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