The Early Bird catches.............The Ladys - Sunday 4th July 2010

After a casting session for three hours on the Saturday, I / We (The Misses) decided to have a travel into mid Wales and spend a night camping ?!!......yes camping, something which I hadn't done since my college days in the early nineties.  Any way we packed the trusty Eurohike two disposable BBQs and four bottles of Vino,plus burgers & provisions for a fry up on Sunday......Bear Grylls taught us all we know.

The plan was to pitch the tent with permission on a farmers field near to the Dee, but we couldn't get permission from the farmers and I didn't fancy being at the wrong end of a twelve bore, so we looked for an official site.

It didn't take us to long to find one and pitch the tent twelve quid a night, sorted!.  The site owner give us the run down and threw in  'We have a bit of fishing across the field' - Nice one its a good job I happened to pack my rod.

Before the first bottle of red was opened I decided to check out the stretch of river, walking through a field we were on it, Looking at the river upstream and its location it looked somewhat familiar.  I couldn't believe my luck, it was a section of the Dee both my fishing buddy and I had fished on several occasions.  Fishing this club water for many years I didn't have a clue the camp site was so close.  It was ideal !.

I decided to hit the river in the early morning and enjoy a few glasses of red on the Saturday evening.

The alarm clock was set for 5.30 and I was down on the river for 6.  A majestic place to be this early in the morning, a strong breeze had developed and this put the mockers on any surface action . Regardless I teamed up with three small 16's 18s nymphs fished Czech Style.  The smaller flies with 2.3mm tungsten beads have been working well recently and accounted for many a fish.

It wasn't long until I had found my quarry a small Grayling about the pound mark coming to the net.  The second trundle down produced this lunker pictured above, a cracking scrap !, the fish are fighting fit this time of year.  Several hours passed with half a dozen or so Grayling  to my tally ,most of them in the same class as the lunker

For me its probably the best time to go fishing, especially when we have had such hot days and evenings, the fish were really responsive this morning, and its true what is said, 'The early bird does catch the worm'................or at least the Lady of the Stream!

A cracking few hours and my weekend fix was over as the strong wind gained momentum and the first signs of showers headed our way, so I headed back for Bacon and Sausages and a brew...

Until Next Time...............................Tight Lines

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