A short Severn session produces another P.B. - 13th May 2010

I managed a two hour session on the Severn this evening, I had been working around the area and had put the rods in the car to take advantage.  The evening was a decent one weather wise compared to previous days in May, but still a chill in the air.

The Severn in places had been reduced to a small stream and was desperate for water, shallow water was devoid of fish and a few deep holes were going to be the order of the evening.

A number of small Grayling and trout taking a fancy to a variation of dries, Olives, F-Fly & the trusted Klink (16-20s).  It was time to set up a duo and work the various large large holes that occupy most bends on this river, the best of both worlds fishing this method with a couple of nymphs (18s) tied directly under a larger dry fly, (Klinhammer) in this case.  Its a cracking searching method and you just don't know whats going to happen next.

The smaller the nymphs under the klink the better in my opinion, especially when the river is as clear as it was tonight.  Several large holes were explored with no success, then my Klink took an almighty dive, the 5# Sage had a decent bend in it and I thought I had hit into a  large Grayling which I know are around this neck of the woods.

The turn of the fish and a brief look at its flank suggested a trout, would the 18s PTN hold?, the old dogger was really pulling and heading for the roots,  this fish really knew where to head for in an attempt to break free.  I suppose it didn't realise it was going to be set free after a mug shot.  The scrap lasted a good three or four minutes and the flow running into the pool added extra pressure on the fight.

It hit the net, another P.B from the Severn, this time a decent trout. Albeit a fish that had been stocked some years back???

The condition of the fish suggests to me that it is a stocked fish, your views are welcome.  The club has stocked this river in the past with only small Brownies, this one has obviously kept its head down and has endured and survived several years that the Severn has thrown at it. 

This was the highlight of the evening session, and as the sun went down behind the rolling hills its was time to call it a day.  No evening rise but still a cold wind hitting the water.

A good few hours on the Severn, what will this river produce next ?
Until Next Time.............................Tight Lines

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