River Severn, A good Leveler - Saturday 27th February 2010

After the red letter day last weekend, I decided upon the Severn once again. This time my Dad was along with me, and after seeing the fish this river can produce he was certainly buzzing for it. The river was clear as a bell and although they had some rain this had not effected the level. If anything it was lower than last week.

We set about in the usual spots and nothing was out to play, it had been a good few hours until I hit into my first Grayling of around 10-12". We were both puzzled as to why it was fishing so hard and started to search for the anglers excuse.

We briefly had a chat to the bailiff who to was finding it hard and had only accounted for a couple of small fish. We wondered for many a mile trying every likely looking spot, it really does amaze me that one week a run that is producing fish can be so deserted the next, not even a sniff of a fish. Yes, the Grayling are now getting ready for spawning and have other things on there minds but come on a little more sport would be appreciated.

It was later in the afternoon that I hit into another couple of small fish, with the loss of a lunker to add to the frustration. We decided to call it a day late on and were both knackered after a good walk and swapping countless patterns to try and snare a decent lady.

It wasn't to be and it really was a good leveler and it put my feet firmly back on the ground after the success of last week. A tough day all round, but it was still wonderful to be out on the river.
That's why they call it Fishing and not Catching I suppose...............I'll be back !
Until next time.......................Tight Lines

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  1. Cracking picture on your blog mate....absolutely beautiful fish!