River Severn ' Persistance Pays Off ! ' - Monday 28th December 2009

With the Welsh Dee out of sorts and running high I kept my eye on the Graphs for the Severn, a great resource for all welsh river levels and worth looking at if you don't already, they can be found here Fishing Wales.

The Severn was dropping nicely just below the Winter Mean on the graph, not knowing if it was running clear or even if it was wadeable? Sod it !,Lets give it a go !. Tackle packed I was off on the long drive into mid -Wales.

Passing the river at a few locations on the way it looked really high and I was tempted to turn the car round and head home, but the thought of re runs of the The Great Escape & Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials, I couldn't take any more so I kept focused on driving to the Severn.

On arrival It was pushing through with some vigour, a fellow angler tackling up ready to do battle, this gave me renewed optimism as someone else was as mad as me !. Or just a Grayling Nut. Layers on and It was no time for finesse, three heavily weighted tungsten bugs were the order of the day. I needed to hit the fishing zone as quickly as possible. Small Bidoz Body or shrimp back flies I had recently tied were put in the team of three, fished Czech style. Two smaller tungsten beaded nymphs size 14 & 16 (pink & Orange beads) made up the middle and top dropper.

The Severn was clear ish in the morning and I had picked up a few small Grayling, not Gin clear as it normally is but fishable. The morning passed with a few Grayling and I was chopping and changing the weights of flies to get them fishing at the right level, walking miles to try and locate a decent stamp of fish, Finally persistence paid off and I was into a nice Grayling taking a small pinkie pattern on the top dropper, several fish followed of similar size.

Looks like I had hit a small shoal ! half an hour of madness or what, half a dozen fish taking the same fly on each occasion. Right Colour? Right Size? Right Depth? Right speed? no idea but it was working. My search continued after the fun had stopped and only a few smaller fish came to the net.

The river in the afternoon went a very dirty and murky colour but it was to early to go home so I continued until the light faded with no success, but the earlier sport kept me buzzing for the long journey home, I was chuffed that I had made the journey for a small window of opportunity. Checking the graph when I got back showed a rise in the level, snow melt or dam release to blame?.

A great day out all the same, and worth taking a chance on this occasion.

Until next Time...............................................Tight Lines

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  1. Hi Phil
    Can you give me a ring when you get chance,i want to go and fish the Severn on the stretch you fish, can you send me you number, mineis on the top right of my blog mate on contacts..
    Nice one