Out On The Dee....Finally !! - Monday 21st December 2009

With only an odd day here or there on a stillwater, I was itching to get back to the Dee. Since the BFFI the river had been up with the floods and no chance of getting out. Still my fly box is full again, tying a few new nymph patterns taken from various Blog pages and the UK fly Dressing Forum.

With the snow and Ice thick on the ground in Cheshire I was in two minds whether to travel !! The river was still up but reports were that it was falling nicely and running clear. A phone call from a C.A.D.A.C member reassured me that the snow that fell over the weekend was nothing major and worth a try out.

The snow had cleared on my journey but further into the Welsh Valleys it had come down a treat, the roads were however ok. With rod in hand and wrapped up from the elements i had finally made it back to the Dee, Cabin Fever was no longer !!!

The Dee was pushing through and the water was ice cold, Possible run off from the snow which can put the Grayling off feed. Regardless I set out with the heavy tungsten nymphs searching the likely looking spots. Not a touch, a change of tactics and still nothing...........where had they all gone?!. The morning had passed and I was quickly running out of Ideas and daylight. Finally I was into a fish taking a GRHE with an orange tungsten bead, very chuffed with myself as it was a self tied fly, changing from the standard gold head which you normally see on this nymph.

Not a Grayling but a fin perfect Brownie, a fish all the same. A small Grayling took a small Brassie late in the day. It was very difficult wading today so if your thinking of taking a trip, pack your wading stick!!!!

It was great to be out again although the Ladys were being very shy today. A stunning part of the country to be in at this time of year, unfortunately I had forgot my camera (School Boy Error) it must have been the excitement of finally getting out on a river.

Anyway a tough fishing day but as we all know 'A bad days Fishing is far better than a good day at Work!' I hope to be back before New Year.

All the Very Best For Christmas & A Happy New Year

Until Next Time........................................Tight Lines !

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