The Eye for a Fly - 30th October 2009

We headed to the Welsh Dee once again and after a brief and informative chat to the guys from the EA, plus a check of the rod licence which is always good to see, and they were off downriver checking any angler for the licence as they go. Time to head down to the river.

Question.....What do you need to spot this,
in this ? Simple a pair of these.....It is unbelievable how the Lady of the stream can spot a size 18 F-Fly in amongst the thousands of leaves making there way along the Dee.

The morning was slow as it accounted for only an out of season trout, but a perfect day for being out on the river. The Dee was once again Ice cold and the usual spots fished through with the bugs didn't produce, water temperature playing a major role in how the Ladys react to the flies and if they choose to feed. We fished the usual club water today and the morning session only accounted for small Grayling and one trout between us.

The sun decided to come through and warm up the Welsh valley, and we both decided to change back to the dry which didn't see much action earlier. I opted for the F-fly a good all round fly for the river and had produced the goods in the past. My dad was first into the fish and a nice fish about a 1lb graced his net. They were switching onto the dry, and we were both amazed how they were able to spot a fly travelling at pace on the current in amongst all the leaves. These fish certainly don't need to go to Specsavers !!.

Great sport finally arrived on the dry, nothing better in our opinion. My dad spotted a nice fish rising on the far bank and after several refusals to his fly he kindly said ' Go on Lad, have a go for it' . I didn't need asking twice and the fish came up from the deeps twice for the fly and I missed it on both occasions, much to the amusement of the old man who stood knee deep in the Dee chuckling to himself, nothing like a confidence booster.....cheers mate!.

It hadn't gone down, the fish was still there and this time the fly stuck and the rod bent into a nice fish, a great scrap and a good fish measuring 45cm came to the net. The afternoons sport finished as the light started to go, it was only 4.45pm !!! . On the drive home we reflected on the day, and it turned out to be a difficult but very enjoyable day. The lady certainly has an eye for a fly.
Until Next time.............................Tight Lines

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  1. Nice report Phil. Sorry to have missed you, but I take some comfort from you struggling to find the ladies too. I found them on wets fished down and across, in the top few inches of the water.