The Changing Season...17th October 2009

Both my fishing buddy and I headed towards the Dee after the usual breakfast stop. The mist was covering the Welsh valleys and the drive to the river although a long one is well worth it this time of year. The changing colour of the trees on route to a variety of copper colours signifies that autumn and inevitably winter is just around the corner.

On arrival the mist was still hanging on the water, but as the sun poked through it would lift and certainly warm the air, which really did have a cold nip to it. We were however both well prepared with the thermals seeing their first outing.

I decided to start on the bugs as the river looked to be carrying some colour as well as plenty of leaves. Wading through the likely runs the first drift produced a Grayling around the pound mark, a cracking start. Leaves a plenty trundled down the river each drift of the flies taking a nice leaf, it certainly helped in quickening up my reactions. Fishing through all runs and a change of tactics between us we had accounted for only one fish........???. The water however was ice cold a good chance that a release of water was to blame.

A quick phone call and we decided to change beats, to meet up with a good mate Dylan, our paths had only crossed a few times this season and it was great to meet up again. He had been out looking for the silver tourist. The afternoon was spent on the dry fly and accounted for numerous Grayling, the larger Lady's were however being rather shy today.

We were all in agreement that the water had really turned ice cold later in the day and the fish had just stopped feeding. It didn't matter however as we all had time to catch up and go through various flies and test out a new rod that Dyl had purchased.......a cracking outfit.

With the shortening days and the changing season it was time to call it a day, yet another brilliant day on the river, it doesn't matter if the fish weren't on form but just to be out in the country waist deep in water and good company, really cant be beaten.

Until next Time....................Tight Lines


  1. Sunday was similar mate, good to get on the River though, so, whereis the secret breakfast stop, I needoneof those mate


  2. No Secret mate....Sainsburys in Wrexham just off the 483. Cheap as chips for a full English 3 quid ish.

  3. Brilliant, what time do they open, been on the lookoutfor a cafe