Three day Fishing Fix - 23rd - 25th September 2009

After a holiday in the sun and only a four hour stint reef fishing in the Algarve, I was ready for for my fishing fix. I had booked three days off work and was going to make the most of I had missed the river.

Day 1 - River Severn

I travelled to the Severn with my dad on the ususal day ticket stretch, and after a hearty full English we were ready to do battle. The day was overcast but warm and a pleasant day greeted us as we tackled up. I decided to start on the dry a small sedge pattern in a 16s, a couple of gold head nymphs for the old man. I was into a fish on the dry straight away albeit a small Grayling , but very welcome. Numerous fish hitting the dry as I waded up river, it was great to be back.

The fish coming to the dry quickly saw a change of tactics for the old man, and soon he was into fish. Wading along the Severn Andrew Cartwright had come down to have a chat. I have spoken to Andrew on a number of occassion via fly forums and always a good idea to get into contact with him for river conditions before making the long journey. Andrew was not fishing today but was looking to get out that evening for a few hours, we were chatting for ages and various sedge patterns had been fishing well recently........exactly what I had on.

The day continued much in the same vein with the smaller Grayling liking the dry, I wondered for miles fishing the deep holes with a change of tactics on the nymphs, losing a nice trout and Grayling in the process. We fished until the early evening and accounted for over 30+ grayling between us, unfortunatly the big girls wern't out today, but it was great to see the numerous small Grayling this river holds. It bodes well for the future they just need to eat well over the next few years and put on a few pounds, then they will pull your string. A great first day and a relief to have the fly rod in hand.

Day 2 - Welsh Dee - C.A.D.A.C

Headed towards the Welsh Dee nr Corwen for my second day fishing fix. The level was just above five hundred and ideal for the Grayling. On arrival there was no visable surface action, so I set up with tiny GRHE & PTN nymphs size 16s & 18S, this resulting in a few Grayling of about 12-14".

The morning session producing about half a dozen or so. The dinner bell seemed to ring about 1 o'clock and the surface was showing signs of action as the fish started to rise. I quickly changed to a small Elk hair caddis which had fished well on my last visit. The fish sipped it in gladly. I believe there is nothing better than seeing a fish take the dry and the rush you get on each take really cannot be matched for excitement.

Various Grayling over the 1lb mark made for some exciting sport in the afternoon, then wading towards another run I saw signs of a nice fish rising, as usual it was tucked into a run with overhanging trees. Ah well who said fishing was easy, I'm up for a challenge !!. I flicked the dry just short of the rise and my heart was in my mouth, thumping like a good en !. It was still rising I hadn't put it down, the second cast was on the button and the fly was taken like it was the last fly on the Dee. It was a good fish, would the size 18 hold? , it did and a nice fish graced my landing net but what a scrap. It took a bit for the fish to recover (see Video) but returned a little bit wiser!.

Another magical day on the Dee, plenty of fish falling to the dry. I love it here especially when the Grayling come out to play !!

Day 3 - Welsh Dee - C.A.D.A.C

I once again returned to the Dee for my third and final day, nothing much had changed overnight, no rain and the wind had eased from the previous day, even better conditions today. I started the day on another beat of the club water, with the Grayling taking in the dry. These days don't come round that often and I was taking full advantage. Fishing different spots than the ususal , Grayling were at home. Some bigger fish today were on the feed and being caught in some unlikely spots and in some cases where you would least expect them to be lying.

After covering many a mile in three days and catching numerous Grayling this one pictured one of the best......must be close to 2lb?. I called it a day and headed home for a few pints. I was knackered but my fishing addiction had well and truly been satisfied. A cracking Fishing Fix

Until Next Time.......................................Tight Lines

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