Welsh Dee Evening Essentials - 13th August 2009

I managed a few hours on the Dee and once again the Grayling were on form, various methods used throughout the evening whether it be dry, spiders or nymphing. Changing leaders and varying the methods dependent on the type of water I was fishing. This got me thinking about the type of set up I use on the river and how I change tactics so quickly dependent on how the Grayling are behaving or where they might be lying.

Twelve months have passed since I started Phils Fishing Diary and I have failed to tell my readers what river set up I prefer to use...........apologies, it may seem obvious to fellow anglers but new comers to the sport of river fishing can be guided through the minefield of rods reels and accessories or as I like to call them the Essentials.

The set-up I now use is as follows :-
9ft 5# Sage Z-Axis & matching reel 2550 series. This is also loaded with a WF(Weight Forward) 5 line. I prefer to use Greys Platinum (Heron Grey).

Now I'm not saying go out and purchase the top end rod and reel but find a setup that suits your pocket as well as casting style. I spent over 20yrs fishing with
the same rod my dad bought me it must have only been about £30 and it caught me plenty of Grayling and Trout.

A 9ft rod with a 5# line is ideal for various methods on rivers, longer rods for Czech Nymphing can be used upto 11ft #3/4.

A set of chest waders for the Dee are also essential, a waist coat or chest pack of some form to carry leaders, fly boxes, scissors, polaroid sunglasses, small net,Floatant......etc etc the list can go on depending on how much of a tackle tart you are.

But one of the most essential parts of my set up for the rivers is this, Orvis Dropper Rig Fly Box
It proved usefull once again this evening as I was changing tactics all the while. Its great when stood in the middle of the river and you see a Grayling break the surface, but have two nymphs on the leader. Five minutes later and the changeover has happend and the Rising Grayling is now in the net.

Its so simple and a very effective way to keep five different setups in your top waistcoat pocket. It also saves money, I go through half the line I used to. A massive benefit to any angler.

This set up is ideal for the Dee and Severn and others, it is however only my opinion and It suites me (and catches plenty of fish!!) which is the main thing, other anglers may choose a different set up for their rivers each to their own.

"There is more tackle to catch Anglers than what there is to catch fish !!"

A great evening on the Welsh Dee as always.

Until next time.................................................Tight Lines

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