Dusk on The Dee. - 2nd July 2009

I grabbed a couple of hours this evening on the Dee, looking forward to the possibility of good late evening sport. The day had been a hot one and the river was very low, but I set out regardless to catch a few fish. I had decided this evening to fish dry fly only and it wasn't long before i was into a reasonable Grayling. Plenty of fly life around but no noticable fish rising.

Various dries used throughout the evening and it was noticeable that they were switched onto the size of fly rather than the type. Several Grayling came to the net this evening, no lunkers but all very welcome. The fly that did the business this evening was the Iron Blue Dun (18) a great fly that has produced a good number of fish in the past.

The evening had clouded over not what I had been expecting, but still a magical time to be on the river. Rising fish were few and far between but the odd fish taking a fancy to the fly. I fished until dark and the river late at night takes on a whole new meaning. I'm sure the Sea Trout anglers on the Towy or Teifi in South Wales were having a bonaza tonight?!. I can certainly see why they go back year after year to fish through the night.

A good few hours sport on the dry this evening and well worth the trip.

Until next time.........................Tight Lines

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