Welsh Dee......Grayling Season Opens !!! - 16th June 2009

At last the day had arrived, the opening of the Grayling season 16th June. No longer would we feel guilty for catching an out of season Grayling whilst on the river for Trout. Its difficult not to, I suppose every angler has the same problem, unless we put our Rods into storage for a few months and wait for the 16th........."NOT A CHANCE"

We headed towards the upper Dee once again near Corwen in search of our favoured Quarry, the wonderful Dee Grayling. The day was forecast to be a hot one so we left early afternoon planning to fish until late evening to catch the evening rise. On arrival no visable signs that the fish were taking from the surface so I started off in a deep hole with a team of three small weighted nymphs, (16-18s) with tungsten beads. The trundle through the run didn't produce anything so I decided to move on. This run would be visited later in the day!.

We both fished through various runs with dries and spiders, gold heads, producing the odd small Grayling and Trout. The 'Lady of The Stream' was proving a tough cookie to crack today, they had obviously not read the script. This section of river we have fished for many years and on its day can yield some big fish. We continued throughout the day changing methods but the bigger Grayling proved to be elusive, she has a habit of doing that.

As the day continued proving to be hard work I returned to the deep hole at which I had started, re attached the nymphs and watched the end of my line waiting for it to stop and any tell tale signs of a take, the point nymph was touching bottom perfectly. Several runs through not a sign of a fish, they must be at home?, this short line nymphing method has worked for me in the past so I carried on determined to find a resident. I started the run a fresh and this time my line stopped , bottom or fish?......bottom, I flicked up the nymphs again and trundled them through the line stopped, bottom or fish?.....................Its a fish and a hell of a fish at that !

The big Girl ran me a merry dance for what seemed like an age, taking me into the fast water and towards the snags on the far bank. Eventually I got her under control and here she is for that Mug shot. (Returned to fight another day as always!)

We fished onwards until about 8.30pm with only a few more small Grayling taking the dry, they wern't really switched on today, but I had landed my trophy fish and I was even more pleased that it had taken a fly tied by myself , a size 16 GRHE variant with a pink tungsten bead.

We had a cracking opening day, even though the bigger fish seemed elusive, I'm sure when we return in the very near future they will be around.

Until next time............................Tight Lines

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