Upper Severn Scorcher ! - 27th June 2009

I headed to the River Severn to fish the day ticket stretch . The day was a scorcher!, hot and humid not much surface action on arrival down to the river.

I tried my trusted Klink and dry variations but nothing seemed interested, Grayling and Trout were obviously elsewhere. Salmon Parr the only fish to take interest, I was chopping and changing flies and a few small Grayling taking the gold head nymphs. After a break and a liquid refreshment, I decided to take a walk in search of my quarry.

I had decided that on such a hot day the fish would be lying in the deep holes along the Severn. This section has many a deep hole almost on every bend, I hadn't really payed them much attention before probably because I had been catching fish elswhere. The holes were deep some of them 8-10 ft easily, I decided to run three bugs through ,the middle one heavily weighted with a Tungsten Bidoz body. The first trundle though produced a nice trout, Result !! I had found fish.

I continued on my journey fishing through each hole with success, a Trout was at home in each one, sadly no Grayling, but i'm sure I had lost a big one before the trout took an interest in the shrimp pattern.

The picture opposite really shows the lack of water in the Severn at the moment, it almost resembles a small stream here, which I could easily jump across, not reminiscent of the Largest river in the British Isles.

The walk along the river continued for many a mile, I finally decided to take the long walk back and fish each deep hole again, with only one more Trout to show for my efforts.

A great day as always on the Severn producing some quality Trout, the bigger Grayling that the Severn holds were not about today, but the strong fight the Trout gave certainly made up for it.

Until next Time..........................Tight Lines

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