An Evening on The Welsh Dee - 25th June 2009

Managed to snatch a few hours on the Welsh Dee this evening, I had been working in the local area and planned ahead by putting the fishing gear in the boot. The day had been baking hot and I was looking forward to the evening. I had arrived just past six and the temperature had cooled slightly. I was fishing a stretch of our club water above Corwen and couldn't wait to get started.

Walking down the river nothing visable was rising, but I wanted to fish the dry this evening to temp a few if I could. I like fishing the Klinkhammer for Grayling and I decided upon a yellow Klink size 16 to start. I favour the Klink as the fly has the ability to raise fish both Grayling and Trout when the water seems lifeless. It also proves very successfull in the winter months and has accounted for big fish.

On this occassion the fly did the business, the Grayling and the odd trout sipping in the fly as it ran through the ripples.

It was great sport this evening and even more enjoyable catching on the dry, fishing in the warm weather knee deep in the dee, short sleeved and having great fun, surely it doesn't get much better.

I had chopped and changed the Klink through a variety of colours and sizes,but a size 18 orange fly did the most damage.I fished it through the fast flow on the far bank, no deeper than a foot or so of water then a nice take from a fish which was in a different class to the rest, it took the fly almost like a trout and then headed into the fast water, this was no trout ! . The way it handled itself in the river I knew it was a big Grayling . A good few minutes later I had it under control and what a fish to land. It had been putting some weight on and it was plump and very strong , easily into 2lb.
The evening on the Welsh Dee continued much in the same vain, with plenty of Grayling and a few trout coming to the net. I called it a day at 9.30pm for the drive home, an excellent evening on the Dee which dont come around that often and must be taken advantage of when they do.
Until Next Time.........................Tight Lines

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