C.A.D.A.C........An Electric day !! 15th June 2009

I had booked a few days off work so today I headed for my club water C.A.D.A.C. The club has some wonderfull water and the day before the Grayling season opens I was after catching a few trout. The weather was forecast for a few isolated showers, so I tackled up and headed down to the river a beat near Tyfos.

A few fish were already rising so I had settled on a 7ft tapered leader with a size 18 Elk hair caddis, (Latest purchase from Ebay) not self tied I must add, but a stunning tied fly all the way from the states. It wasn't long until my first fish of the day had hit the net a nice Grayling which was quickly returned, a Grayling of the same size tomorrow will certainly warrant a mug shot!

Numerous Grayling coming to the net from the same fly do they really know its a day before the opening of the season?. I continued down the river with a half hour spell sat on the bank trying to shelter from the second shower of the day, coupled with an almighty electric storm ! I didnt fancy waving a 9ft length of carbon around it could have been curtains for me !!!.

The storm passed and the fish had stopped rising so I tried out a few nymphs and they didn't dissapoint a nice trout falling to my favoured GRHE. I fished on through the early evening with over a dozen or so fish to the tally. A great day to be out once again on the club waters. Looking forward to returning tomorrow for the opening day of the Grayling season.

Thymallus Thymallus watch out !!!!!

Until Next Time.....................................Tight Lines

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