Dee Scorcher ! - 31st May 2009

A scorching day at the end of May, we headed for our beloved Welsh Dee. What a day to be out on the river, not the ideal conditions but when are anglers ever happy about the conditions !. It made a pleasant change to be in short sleeves and stand in the river keeping cool, Its days like today that make your mind track back to the winter months and the rod rings freezing over, check out the previous posts in December 08.

The morning proved difficult with a few out of season Grayling, It was only until we located the deeper pools that we managed to contact a few bigger fish, This trout taking a tungsten bead PTN. We both fished through the day applying sun lotion at regular intervals and still managed to turn a healthy pinky red colour. The day continued contacting a few more Grayling but no other trout, we stayed on the river until about six, then headed for the 100 plus mile journey home. The best of the sport we would be leaving behind, as we both felt the Evening would produce a decent enough hatch, and the fish would turn to feed.

A fantastic day to be on the river with great sport to match! Roll on Summer.

Dee at Corwen December 2008

Dee at Corwen May 2009

Until Next Time..............................Tight Lines

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