A Pheasant 'Tale' on the Dee - 25th May 2009

A trip out to the Dee at Corwen with my fishing buddy was the order of the day for the Bank Holiday. After recent and very welcome heavy rain the river was up to 667 on the river line. But running clear and steady it was fishable.

We all enjoy our sport for many different reasons, but what I think draws us back again is the unexpected and that no two days are the same. Tales to tell of the days outings which in time become more exaggerated, 'The fisherman's Tale'. Today was no exception !

After fishing the morning through in the bright sunlight with a few Grayling to show for our efforts, it was a change of scenery and further upstream to another Corwen beat. On the walk down to the water a plump Cock Pheasant passed us by, never to miss a sign from the fishing gods my buddy quickly tied on the point a Pheasant tailed nymph, hoping for a trout or two.

It wasn't long before we were in the water and had contacted several Grayling, I moved further upstream and put on a dry trying to temp the odd rising fish. The lady of the stream was the only thing at home. I also witnessed a big bar of silver leap from a deep holding pool estimates at 10-12lb. What a Salmon !, the salmon boys must have missed this one, still running high up river after the rain.

I returned to my fishing buddy and after a short spell I saw his rod bend into a nice fish, the shout let me know that it was a nice wild Brownie, I quickly made my way to the action and a nice Brown Trout was in the net, beautifully marked and near the 2lb mark,a nice fish for the Dee. The pheasant tail nymph had done its stuff, a quick photo of the prize was requested and I duly obliged, firstly doing the gentlemanly thing and helping the old man unhook the fish.

A blog photo entry of my Dads fish was all that was required, this unfortunately never happend as the fish became, well shall we say rather camera shy and returned itself to the Dee . Sorry mate maybe on the next outing a blog post will be dedicated to your efforts. Once again the day produced many tales for us to reflect on during the journey home and no doubt to be reflected on in future days. That's why we return again and again to the riverside.

Until next Time...................Tight Lines

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