Trout Not About !........River Dee - 05/04/2009

I took a trip to the Upper Dee with my fishing buddy in search of some trout. No water release today so conditions were in our favour, although a strong wind was ripping through the valley. Arriving at the river the water was very low and crystal clear but not to be deterred we set up and walked down.
Searching some of the fast runs with a couple of gold heads I was expecting to locate the odd Trout, but nothing was at home. The upper reaches of the Dee are really productive for the Grayling and the trout certainly are hard to come by, unless stocked by the club. As always when fishing for Trout it is difficult to avoid the Grayling, but rest assured each one was quickly returned unharmed.
A great day out fishing several stretches of our club waters, but today the Trout were not about, Grayling yes they were even taking a shine to the Dries at the end of the day. None the less both my fishing buddy and I had enjoyed the day.
Until Next Time..........................Tight Lines

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