River Dee....An Evening Session ! - 23/04/2009

I managed a few hours this evening on the Dee, A chance to wet a line for a possible evening hatch after working locally all day. It was down to the river and the sun was still warm and lighting up the ever changing Welsh surroundings. I wasn't complaining by any means, I've been here on many occasions with over a foot of snow covering the grounds during the winter months.
Anyway back to the fishing, I had spotted a number of fish rising in the margins, possibly Grayling but being out of season I was after some trout. I started off with a small F-fly to try and tempt a few, the Grayling took a shine to it but no Trout. I kept on the dry all evening. As a matter of interest I always use 7.5ft tapered leader then attached 2ft or so of fluorocarbon. It enables a better turnover of the fly and the last ft de-greased to present the dry as naturally as possible.
The evening was drawing in and a hatch had started, I had seen some large hatches on this stretch before, I think they were Grannom? (see Pic - start of hatch) not being a fully fledged expert on Entomology but learning all the time, I quickly tied on what I thought matched the hatch. A few fish were taking the natural but not as sporadic as I would have thought. This lasted for about an hour and I could only make contact with a few Grayling, nice size fish none the less. The trout were once again proving to be elusive. It was time to call it a day as I struggled to tie on another fly, leaving the peace and quiet of the river behind. A glorious evening session on the Dee.
Until Next Time.........................Tight Lines

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