The Bare Bones of the Severn ! - 26 April 2009

Both my fishing buddy and I made the journey to the Severn, once again looking for Trout. It was a glorious day and on arrival the River looked in fine form. The morning session we had accounted for several tiny Grayling and Trout, a few Salmon Parr thrown into the mix which is always a pleasure to see.

The Severn today was Gin clear and very very low, the lowest we had seen it for many a year, almost draught conditions!, in April !. All us anglers like an excuse when the fishing is not at its best, but here goes......Low water, Crystal clear and bright sunshine, not the best combination.

We however searched many miles of the Severn trying to pick out likely looking holes and any noticeable deeper runs, but nothing was at home. Nymph patterns, Dries, Wets, spiders we went through them all nothing apart from a few Parr. I had a brief chat to another angler fishing the same stretch and he to was amazed at how low the Severn was today. We desperately need some April showers not only on the Severn but by all reports on the Welsh Dee as well.

A great day out as always with my fishing buddy, regardless of the Fishing conditions. We will be back in the next few weeks after some rainfall hopefully.

Until next time...............Tight Lines

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