Welsh Dee - Take Note !! - 29/03/2009

I took a trip to the upper reaches of the Welsh Dee today, a perfect day weather wise although a cold wind was passing through the Valleys making it cooler than expected. I was expecting alot of action today the river was clear and at a reasonable level. I started to search the water with a couple of gold head nymphs nothing visable rising at this stage. Possibly later on in the day!.

Whilst moving through various runs my attention turned to the condition of the water, what started off as a gin clear Dee quickly turned into a cloudy and cold Dee , a water release was to blame!. I have been aware of water releases from Bala Lake and also from the Tryweryn during past outings which had disrupted the fishing.

I would like my fellow anglers to take note !!, have a look at this link and check future releases from the Tryweryn (Whitewater Centre) . It could save you a wasted journey and petrol money. The river stayed coloured all day and was Ice cold, not a chance of a fish although I did contact a small Grayling before the release. A disappointing day thanks to the release, I'm sure the Rafting fraternity don't pay for an EA licence or members fees to use the river !.

I don't want to get caught up in river politics but worth a look at the site before making plans to fish the upper Dee.

Until next time.............Tight Lines

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