Spring on The Severn ! - 21/03/2009

It was my first chuck of the fly since the Grayling season had finished and the trout season had started. I headed to the Severn in search of Salmo Trutta. A magnificent Spring day greeted me and the temperature was rising steadily. The cold winter days seemed a distant memory as I headed down to the river.

I headed straight for the fast run, hoping that the Trout would be around, a couple of small gold heads to start, fished through the run. It wasn't long until I was into my first fish, a small Grayling taking the Greenwells, quickly returned. As the day progressed a few fish were rising so I tied on a small olive dry. The first fish that took the dry was a nice Grayling, not a Trout as I was expecting as the fish was solitary and tucked in close to the bank, a welcome fish and it had been some time since I had the dry flies out.

The afternoon I had a change of beat, and also a change of rigs and flies. I gave the French Nymph set up another go and it resulted in more Grayling not trout. A set up which I'm still getting used to but ideal for crystal clear and shallow water, as the Severn was today.

I kept changing flies to try and temp the trout, but on this occasion I didn't contact a single one !. None the less a great day to be out in the first days of spring on the Severn.

Lets hope I get into some Trout on my future outings.

Until next Time ...........Tight Lines

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