River Dee - March Winds ! - 01/03/2009

Another day out on the Dee, and the conditions in the morning when we set off were just perfect. On arrival the river was the lowest that I had ever seen it in all the years I have been fishing it. Undeterred we headed along the river, a brisk wind was cutting through the Welsh Valley, making the day seem allot colder than anticipated.

The usual spots were fished through without success, it was proving difficult to control the flies through the runs with such a strong wind hitting the water. Early afternoon I latched into a couple of Grayling in quick succession taking the Gold head nymph on the point. Nothing was interested in the other nymphs fished in the team of three. Colour?, weight ? not sure, but the two fish certainly liked the point fly.

We battled against the strong wind along the river, and fished known holding spots without as much as a touch. It was a quick decision to change beats to try and get out of this March wind but it resulted in much the same. A fruitless late afternoon session.

The Grayling at this time of year certainly have other things on their minds !, low water levels coupled with a strong wind proved to be very testing. A challenge today for any angler I would expect, two small Grayling to show for my efforts.

I think we have turned the corner now, the worst of the winter behind us....I hope!, We are looking forward to warmer and longer days, when the river comes into its own. The dry fly fun starts in earnest and the Trout start to play, giving the Grayling a well earned rest.

Until Next Time................................Tight Lines

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