Welsh Dee - Near Corwen - 22/02/2009

Travelled to the Dee above Corwen, a beat of C.A.D.A.C with my fishing buddy. The level on the river line was just below 600, low for this time of year but very welcome, considering the high levels over previous weeks. The morning was mild but an easterly wind kept it on the chilly side.

We were in search of Grayling on this cracking beat of our club water, so we tackled up and headed to the river. I had fished this stretch a number of times and it had accounted for plenty of Grayling, some big fish as well!.

I opted for a three nymph set up and fished through likely looking spots. Nothing in the first hour or so but then I hit into a shoal, several fish coming to the net in a good half hour session, my fishing buddy slowly moving along the same pool also connected into a couple.

I am always surprised as to how tolerant the Grayling are when wading, I even spotted a number of fish right under my feet as I was moving through , its as if they were taunting me 'I'm here and you won't catch me as I know what your up to !!' great to watch though.

The day progressed searching each pool, this time with little success, I changed over set ups to a light nymph rig, I had picked it up from a thread on fly forums. French Nymph . This set up is used in shallow water and can account for plenty of Grayling, suited more I think to the summer time when levels are low and fish can be spooky. In any case I gave it a try, a very sensitive set up, but on this occasion I drew a blank. I'll give it another go after June 16th or even during the trout season.

The rest of the day continued with only another fish to show for our efforts, continuously changing flies , yet again the Grayling seemed to have disappeared, but a great challenge to try and locate them. It was great to be back on the Welsh Dee again and some nice fish to show for our efforts. I think if the wind had dropped we may have seen some surface action, but that will be for another day.

It was however great to be back fishing the club water again.

Until Next time...............................Tight Lines

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