Passport to the Severn - 14/02/2009

Both my fishing buddy and I had our passports stamped for the day, and we took full advantage and headed to the upper Severn. The welsh Dee level had risen significantly over the past few days so the Severn it was to be. On arrival the morning was mild and the river was in fine condition, a slight colour to it but nothing to be concerned about.

A light nymph set up was to start and we progressed through various runs in search of the Grayling, nothing was to show for a few hours and then I latched into the first fish of the day, a voluntary catch and release after a brief fight saw a decent fish head back to its lie.

A change of beat and I was on a mission to put the loss of a fish behind me and catch a few decent grayling. I headed towards a known run which I had caught at before, knowing that some big Grayling take up residence. It was on with the heavier nymphs fished Czech style the first run through saw my line stop dead in its tracks, a nice fish had taken the top dropper, the Grayling must have taken a shine to the orange bead I'd tied into the fly. A nice fish over a lb was quickly returned after a trophy shot.

My fishing buddy had decided to join me and quickly set up with three Czech nymphs, I gave him the go ahead to fish through the same swim in expectation of another fish holding up and sure enough his line tightened and he was into another sizable Grayling. The fish found the fast water and used it to full advantage, with only a light leader on and not wanting to loose such a nice fish ,the fish was played with care. Eventually it hit the net a nice Severn Grayling.

We continued through the run with another big Fish to show for our efforts, I'm sure there were more in the run but we had possibly spooked the shoal, three decent fish was very welcome none the less. The day was drawing to a close and a brief stop to talk to the bailiff who was more than happy to share tactics for the river and a look into the various flies in his box, always great to see what these local boys use.

A great day on the Severn as always with some nice Grayling hitting the net as an added bonus. We both can't wait to return.

Pictures Of The Day

Until Next Time.......................Tight Lines

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