Sunset on The Severn - 03/01/2009

An early start to the day for the ninety mile trip to the upper Severn with my fishing buddy. The first trip in 2009 and the day was looking perfect for the Grayling. When we left the temperature was above freezing a mild morning in comparison to previous days. This however was to change, the drive through Chester and into mid Wales saw the temperature plummet to -6.

The day was clear and the sun was shining on arrival but bitterly cold, wrapped up from the elements we began to fish. Several more anglers had also braved the weather and were already throwing a line onto the water. After my previous visits I was looking forward to the day, the expectations of large Grayling on offer. We both tackled up and started with two different approaches, I opted for the weighted Nymphs fished Czech style, my buddy started with a gold head GRHE & a spider on the dropper.

Nothing to show for a few hours and then I managed a tiny Grayling about 6inch, a fish none the less. The day was a strange one with all the usual spots fished resulting in a blank !!. Where had they all gone?. Different flies and rigs used throughout the day had resulted in a tiny fish and one lost, briefly hooked and away,more frustration!.

The day was drawing to a close and we were both at a loss as to what to do, pack up and go home?.....not just yet. The inevitable last cast syndrome lasted for about an hour or so. I had changed to a Gold head PTN and GRHE on the dropper. The sun was beginning to set behind the Welsh hills and the temperature was dropping again, a cast into another run and the tug on the line signaled a fish on. A nice Grayling of about a pound hit the net, shortly after my fishing buddy was into a fish, then he was into his second. Unbelievable not a touch all day and two fish in as many minutes, we continued fishing and I hooked into another Grayling at last knockings.

What a day!, the sunset on the Severn almost signified a ring of the dinner bell to the Grayling, we both thought that we were driving back without success, but not this time, several Grayling to show for our efforts. We also had a brief chat with a Fly Forum angler who had found the day to be tough going, with nothing caught all day and the sunset hour proving to be most productive.

The river reports on Fly Forums from mid wales rivers over the past few days have been poor, Dee,Wye and Severn have been a challenge by all accounts. A rise in temperature or at least above freezing for a spell will help the fishing.
A great day out as always ! until next time..................................
Tight Lines !

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  1. Great photos Phil. Looks like a great day. A happy New Year to you.