A Fishing Farewell to 2008 - 30/12/08

The end of another year and the last time I would be wetting a line in 2008, I headed to the Upper Severn on a very cold day, a number of other anglers had ventured out......we must all be mad !!. It was a great day with plenty of Grayling caught, the rod rings freezing on occasions was the only problem.

It was a great end to the year for me personally as I managed to land my personal best Grayling, a strong fight for several minutes then finally I saw the big girl into the net. A fish with plenty of weight on and thick across its back, a fish well over 2lb. A fantastic day out on the Severn as always.

What a year it has been, when I started this blog back in August I never imagined the responce I would get from it. I only started it to keep a log of fishing trips out, memories not to be lost. The number of people who have visited my site from all over the world is just unbelievable, a big thank you to you all I hope you carry on visiting and enjoying the site.

Also to fellow fishing bloggers home and abroad a big thank you for all your interesting posts throughout the year a great read! In addition many thanks to all the fellow anglers whom I have met along the way in 2008, picking up tips and sharing stories of the days fishing. A big thank you also to my fishing buddy who takes a fair number of fishing trips with me, a great laugh as always and not even an impromptu dip into the river this year!!

The year has been a difficult one for the rivers, extreme weather (heavy rain and lots of it) had restricted the number of visits, but once settled the Dee,Dove & Severn produced fish. Many nice Grayling and trout hitting the net with some lunkers along the way.

A great 2008, and I am looking forward to the next year when new challenges will be set and hopefully more Grayling and trout from the Dee & Severn and pastures new !! So it just leaves me to say have a great New Year and all the very best for 2009.

Until Next Time..............................Tight Lines for 2009!!!!

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