River Dove (Norbury) - Grayling Society Day - 09/11/08

It had been about eighteen months since we had both fished the Dove, a beat near Mayfield had produced some cracking Grayling on that occasion. Today was a day with the Grayling Society and its members, a chance to fish a stretch of the Dove at Norbury. On arrival we were greeted by Rob whom had done a magnificent job in arranging the day for so many anglers, a big thank you for a brilliant Day. The river we were informed was about a foot up and slightly coloured but fishable. A few of the bait guys had already caught and it hadn't even turned nine. Enough said it was on with the chesties and down to the river. We had about four miles of this prime water to fish we could'nt wait to get cracking.

A good walk down river and a likely looking spot for the Grayling, with the level as it was and a bit of colour it was an easy choice to make, on with the bugs !. A nice glide on the far bank tempted me across a steady flow. A team of three flies started the day, a heavy tungsten on the point (Bidoz Body) in a 14 and a small pink Gammarus slightly weighted bug(18)on the top dropper, a claret Gammarus in the middle. It was only the second trundle down with the bugs and the line stopped, a strike quickly resulted in a hooked fish. This was no Grayling, an out of season trout had taken the middle fly, and it was off like a train. A 3lb plus fish hurtled its way down river, I finally got control and a lovely fish came closer to the net. But not close enough, it managed to release itself before I could land it to the amusement of my fishing buddy a nice fish all the same.

A great start, the Grayling came further down the river as we checked out likely looking runs, several Grayling coming to the net around 14". My fishing buddy had also made contact with a few small Grayling but none of the larger fish yet showing themselves. We headed further down river bumping into a number of other anglers who had success in catching a number of Grayling & out of season brownies. Most of them fishing with the bugs.

A change of weather and it was the first heavy downpour of the day, this however didn't deter us from trying out futher runs along the river. A fast white water run which petered out steadily into a glide was my next run to try, more fish hitting the net from this spot, the best fish pictured above which accounted for my biggest fish of the day.

A stunning river Dove in majestical surroundings had come up trumps again. Many anglers both bait & fly catching numerous Grayling and the odd trout. A great day out with the Grayling Society and we hope to have many a more outing with them in the near future. Many thanks once again to Rob, Area 5 Secretary for such a great day.

Until next time

Tight Lines


  1. Hi Phil. Nice blog! I think I met you today on the Norbury stretch of the Dove. I was fishing with Alex Swann and Gary (Fishcake) who you might know from the flyforums.

    I wish I'd have known it was you - I recently joined Corwen and District so would have picked your brains.

    Might see you on The Dee sometime.


  2. Where are you based Phil? I've got a Leek and District guest ticket that needs using before the end of the year if you fancy a day out. Perhaps Dovedale or Bentley Brook?


  3. I don't have a forum account anymore (spat my dummy out!). My email is kevin.harrison2@ntlworld.com . If you fancy Dovedale then best fished during the week to avoid the tourists, although not too bad this time of year at weekends if you don't mind the occassional audience.
    Bentley Brook is small stream fishing, with a good head of grayling. Dovedale has fewer grayling and can be a challenge, but has some 3lb lunkers in it, and is a great place to fish.


  4. Great blog, photos and articles. Most of my fishing is done in Canada. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you tight lines and big fish. Rick