'The Ladys' of the Severn - 28/11/08

It was a day on the Severn with my fishing buddy, we headed for the Day ticket water controlled by Caersws A.A. a fantastic stretch of water with a good head of Grayling. The 'Lady of the stream' as we know her was our quarry for the day.

A cold but bright day with a slight ground frost greeted us as we tackled up, all the signs were looking good. Rain the prevous day had coloured the water slightly but was fining down nicely. We walked down to the river and set up, I had opted to start with the Nymphs fished Czech style, this had produced the bigger fish on previous visits. A couple of gold head nymphs (Hares ear pattern & Pheasant tail)was the set up for my fishing buudy, it wasn't long before we were into fish a nice glide and a trundle down with the nymphs produced a nice Grayling of around a lb.

What a day to be out on the river, sun shining the welsh countrside in all its glory, what a day to have booked off work and to add to that 'The Ladys' of the severn were out to play.

I continued to catch fish throughout the morning and had bumped a good number off, the best fish of the day pictured here, falling to a pink bug and coming to the net after a great scrap.

The Czech style of fishing is not everyones cup of tea, I however favour the approach when nothing is doing on the dry or wets, it certainly did the business for me today and accounted for some lunkers.

My fishing buddy had reasonable success with a few fish to show for his efforts, the majority being caught on the czech style fishing, once he had changed over. A great stretch of river to fish on a glorious day produced a good number of fish, the tally for the day well into double figures, including an out of season wild brownie.

The Severn as I have talked about in previous posts is a fantastic river to fish and on days like today when the weather was on our side, the river was on our side and the 'Ladys' were on our side, it certainly doesn't get any closer to fishing perfection.

Pictures of the Day

Until next time

Tight Lines

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