Czech out the Severn ! - 18/10/08

The Welsh Dee was still high at over 950 on the river line and not much chance of throwing a line, so we decided to head for the reaches of the Upper Severn. Reports suggested that the level was higher than normal due to release from Llyn Clywedog dam, which controls the levels during the summer months. However due to all the recent rain it was releasing. Not ideal for a days fishing but we headed up to a Day ticket water controlled by Caersws Angling Association.

The Caersws Angling Association controls approximately 7 Miles of double bank fishing for trout, grayling and salmon, on the upper Severn Valley, Mid Wales. We had fished it several times before and both know the water well, and we tackled up in anticipation of the Grayling sport on offer throughout its wonderful beats. The water looked high and slightly coloured at first, which we had expected however it was fishable. I decided straight away to put a team of heavy Czech nymphs on, my fishing buddy opted for a couple of his favourite gold heads.

Two of the Nymphs in the team of three were tied by myself with heavy leaded underbodies in size 12 & 14. I wanted to get them down and into the zone as quick as possible with the pace of the river it was essential.

Moving up stream fishing the nymphs through each riffle & run it wasn't long before I was into
my first Grayling, a nice fish about the 1lb mark. A number of smaller fish also took the orange gold head nymph on the top dropper, an out of season trout came to the net too. This was the same story further down river as my buddies two gold heads had resulted in a nice trout.

It was a change of beat for the afternoon and I headed straight to one of my favourite pools, where on the last visit I had lost a big fish and I wanted to see if the lunker had stuck around. I waded across the strong current and into the slacker water, where the riverbed dropped off and into a nice depression covered by river weed. I then flicked upstream the nymphs and as they passed by the line stopped, a quick strike and I connected into a fish, it headed into the fast current and a great scrap. Surely lightening wouldn't strike twice? would it ?.....not this time a nice Grayling possibly the lunker I had lost a few weeks ago finally hit the net.

I continued with the heavy Nymphs and another specimen Grayling came to the net after a fantastic scrap. It certainly was the day for the heavy Czech Nymphs, several Grayling and the odd trout resulting in a marvelous days sport. The Upper Severn is a fantastic river and we both enjoy the fishing on offer to the fly angler. Its worth checking it out as you to could be catching Grayling all for the price of a day ticket.

Until Next Time........Tight Lines

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  1. Nice fish mate - and well done , i think everyone could agree that this year has been a little challenging at times with the river levels up and down constantly. those that adapt succeed and those that dont ... erm ... blank i guess :D