Well 'Dee'served !! - 26/09/08

It was a day off from work, and what a day off to have, I decided to fish the Dee above Corwen on one of our C.A.D.A.C beats. The morning started misty and overcast but the forecast for the rest of the day was warm sunshine. I tackled up and headed down to the river. The water looked in perfect condition and I was looking forward to the day.

I started off with a couple of gold heads GRHE & Red Tag, I fished through likely looking spots with only a couple of Salmon Parr to show for my efforts. It was
still overcast and the sun was trying its best to break through, a possible hatch on the cards if it warms up. I fancied a couple of deep holes where I had previously caught big Grayling before. I ran the bugs through with not so much a touch, strange where had all the Grayling gone today?. The morning looked so promising but was proving to be very hard work, and a great challenge.

The morning passed & it was into early afternoon when the sun broke through warming the Welsh hills, it was time to change tactics again. A few small rising fish taking the offerings that passed them by. It was on with the favoured Klinkhammer, tied up to a 7ft tapered leader with 2ft flurocarbon. It was as though the dinner bell had been sounded and the Grayling were on feed. Second cast & I was into my first reasonable Grayling. It was still tough going but small fish taking the Klink every once in a while. Then my luck changed, I spotted a rise in front of me which was no flirter, it looked like this fish was in a different league.

I slowly took a couple of paces down river and flicked out the Klink, I have been very successful using the down stream dry fly method which can be adopted using a parachute style cast and paying out extra line if required to lengthen the dead drift of the fly. BANG ! first cast the Grayling hit the Klink it took off like a steam train, this was an awesome scrap. Two or three minutes later I had the Big fish in the net and a well deserved photo of the prize. A good 2lb fish by any ones standard. (see video links x 2 fish returning to the Dee)

The day continued with the Klink staying firmly on the cast resulting in numerous Grayling finding the net. What a day I had plenty of fish in the end but I had to work to find them. A majestic September day topped off by fabulous Grayling sport. Cant wait to get back.

Tight Lines

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