'Severn up' - 20/09/08

It was a change of scenery and a trip to the Upper Severn. The day started as usual very early for the long dive into mid Wales. Both myself and Fishing buddy were joined by our mate Mike, who would be taking his first journey to the Severn. The sun was shining and a warm morning greeted us as we tackled up.

I had fished the stretch several times before with great success and we were expecting the Grayling to oblige. This river holds many memories for us none more so than with my fishing buddy, who is of course my Old Man !. The Upper Severn experience for him started back in 1973 when the late Alf Pearson a good friend & colleague of my dad introduced him to the sport of Fly fishing. As the story goes they were all on a fishing trip with course tackle packed, Alf however had different ideas and was catching fish on the fly. A walk down the bank and my old man was given his first lesson with a fly rod. Needless to say the course tackle gathered dust and is doing so to this day. In a funny kind of way I too have to thank Alf as I would not have the pleasure of fishing with the fly rod if it were not for him. Cheers Alf !

A short walk to the river saw the Severn in great condition, no noticeable rises but a walk up river saw the odd fish break the surface. Early on in the morning I was into my fist Grayling, not a big fish but it had taken the Klinkhammer with gusto. Several small Grayling also caught from the same run. The other two also had a mixed morning with small fish being caught. As usual it was a change of tactics and on with the weighted bugs covering a deep channel which had produced some cracking fish in the past, surprisingly no one at home.

The morning and mid afternoon had flown by with a change of beat part way through, It was time for a break & a pint at a local pub before heading back to the river. No large Grayling caught but tales of lost fish over a pint fuelled our appetite for the late afternoon & evening. A nice surprise for my fishing buddy on one stretch which had produced a couple of Dace, maybe this was payback for him after he laid his course tackle down all them years ago??.

We hit the third stretch and several more Grayling came to the net. The big uns had been lost & were not playing ball this evening. Changing tactics all the while, gold heads,bugs,spiders,dries you name it we tried it all. As the light faded it was time to finish the days fishing, reluctantly we made our way back to the car, but the stories continued on the journey home of what a fantastic day was had on the Upper Severn. We will be returning very soon when of course the memories will flood back of past days fishing for us all especially my fishing buddy who holds the Upper Severn in very high regard.
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Tight Lines

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