'Czech' it out ! 14/09/08

A few weeks with heavy rain sweeping across the country had put a stop to any fishing on the rivers. Needless to say I was itching to get back at those Grayling. Today was the first opportunity me and my fishing Buddy would even consider fishing the Dee. The river level was high at 857 ideal for the salmon guys and by all accounts good salmon caught on the C.A.D.A.C waters.

The days plan was as follows, travel to the Dee check the condition of the water hoping it was clear and give it a go. Failing that we had the still water tackle packed and could drop back to catch a few rainbows. On arrival early in the morning we had a look at the river, it was high as expected but looked clear enough to fish, surely the Grayling would take a fly today?. It was back to the car and on with the chesties, wading sticks a must with the level of water around we were taking no chances.

A walk along the river was a pleasure, no wading jackets required as the sun was slowly burning off the morning mist a warm start to the morning, which was something we had sadly missed this summer. We tackled up at the top of the beat wondering what the best tactic was going to be. My fishing buddy was going to try a few goldheads fished down and across to see if that was to produce the desired effect. I plumped for a Czech Nymph set up with a team of heavily weighted bugs tied to a 9ft cast. Check out this link for further information, I have adopted my own set up to suit. http://www.czechnymphs.co.uk/CzechNymphing.htm .

I would like to have used the braid set up which I put together a few weeks ago but on arrival at the water had found a loop attachment had come loose so it was back to the standard set up. Out of interest the braid set up is used to detect the more sensitive takes and every bump along the river bed. The set up I use was taken from an article published in Trout fisherman magazine a few years back.http://www.czechnymphs.com/tactics/tactics_2003_009.html . Check out the links for further information they prove very useful.

Anyway back to the day, the team of three were tied on with my favourite pink Czech tied on the top dropper, the lightest of the three flies. It was down to the fishing, as I flicked the flies up river and let them slowly trundle past I was watching for any stop on the line and ready to lift into a fish. Nothing on that cast so a quick step to cover more water and as I flicked the flies up again the line stopped, a quick lift and this time solid resistance, weed was the culprit a regular occurrence when using this method. Slowly covering more water the flies moving nicely with the pace of the river then one of the team was hit by a Grayling not a delicate take as expected but an almighty strike. This fish hit the faster water rod bent over nicely I was into my first fish of the day. What a scrap my heart was thumping and keeping the strain on praying that it wouldn't come off, a moment or two later the Grayling hit the net a nice fish of just over a lb had taken the Pink bug on the top dropper. A bigger fish was expected after such a fight but with the pace of the river and conditions I was grateful the 'Lady' obliged.

My fishing buddy had not done anything with his goldheads as yet but this was soon to change. The hour or so we had planned to stay due to conditions, had turned into several with mid afternoon quickly approaching. I managed to make contact and land two further Grayling all taking the same pink bug, they do say 'Pink' is the colour for the 'Ladys'. The afternoon session went very quiet with difficult wading along the stretch, confined to the margins I swapped tactics. We both had a couple of gold head nymphs on and fished them down and across holding them static on the dangle. A cry of 'were in' from my fishing buddy saw him land his first fish of the day quickly followed by his second. The goldheads were working and I managed to take a small fish from close in. The big girls were not out to play today but the fish we caught under such conditions were very much a top result!. A number also hooked and lost, they must have been the big ones.!

The day had been total success, with morale low from past weeks of rain and river levels running high we were delighted to be back on the river, and with an added bonus of several Grayling between us. It just goes to show that it is worth while to check out the conditions of the river before resorting to plan B.

Until next time
Tight Lines

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