River Wharfe.....'Typical August Weather' 26/08/08

With the usual story of the Dee & Severn still high & coloured it was a trip into Yorkshire to try & fish the River Wharfe, the river reports on Monday had given us high hopes of a fishable river. It was again an early start and tackle packed we headed off towards Addingham where we were to drop into the local post office for the day ticket. The day was very overcast and talk for the journey was of which flies to use for the river and what tactics would lure the 'Lady of the Stream' & 'Salmo trutta'.

Before heading to pick up the ticket, we decided to check out the river at Bolton Abbey, a water we had fished in the past with great success. What greeted us was a big disappointment, not the majestic surroundings of the Abbey but what ran through its grounds. The Wharfe was raging through and very coloured. This was not the river we were expecting, no chance of wetting a line today. The anticipation of the journey, high hopes that at last we were to fish a river this month, it wasn't to be, a story all to familiar in the month of August. A single angler tucked into the side of the river throwing a few nymphs gave us some hope, but experience told us that we would be wasting our time. I would like to think that the angler we spoke to caught a fish or two he deserved it for challenging the torrent of water that past by him. We decided to head back and pass a few hours on a stillwater.

As I write this entry the Dee level is falling 757, so with a bit of luck we could see it fishable by weekend. I personally can't wait to see the back of this month as it has been impossible to fish any of my favourite rivers. Lets hope the rain stops the rivers fall & eventually I'll be able to post a few successfull entries into the diary of 'Grayling Days'. Bring on September and better river conditions.

Tight Lines

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